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Privacy Policy Statement

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This is the privacy policy for Rejuvenating Solutions Ltd.  We are located at 6 The Chandlery, Quayside, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 1HE, our telephone number is 01289 385119 and our email address is This privacy policy explains how we hold and use any personal information we collect about you and why we collect it.

What information do we need?

We need your contact details, i.e. name, phone number, address, postcode and email address. We will also need information about your age and health in order for us to provide you with treatments. We may also hold photographic images to record and review the progress of your treatment.

Why do we need It, how will we use it and how long will we retain it?

We need all of the details above in order to ensure that we are able to provide and record the treatments you may ask for, as well as also enabling us to notify you of appointments, retain payment records for accountancy purposes, compliance with healthcare regulatory bodies and also for insurance purposes. We will hold your information for a period up to ten years for insurance purposes.

Our lawful basis for processing your personal information is:

  • Legal obligation – processing is necessary to fully comply with the law, meaning that we have a legal reason to ask for you for your data.
  • Vital interests – this means we have a legal reason to ask you for your data as processing is necessary to protect the life of an individual.
  • Contract – this means that we have a legal reason to ask for your data because we need it for contractual reasons.

You do not have to share your personal data with us.  Should you choose not to share your personal data with us, this will prevent Rejuvenating Solutions from holding important information, which is necessary to enable us to continue to provide you with treatments.  It is necessary for you to fulfil your side of the contract (share your personal information) in order for us to fulfil ours (carry out treatment).


We may also like to send you information about the products and services we offer using the information you have shared with us.  It is important to note that you do not have to agree to this for treatment to go ahead. If you agree to being contacted for marketing purposes, you will be provided with a copy of our privacy policy where you can tick the relevant boxes to give your consent for your preferred method of contact. You may withdraw this consent at any time by emailing us at  or calling us on 01289 385119.

Will we share your information?

To enable us to provide you with treatment, it will be necessary to share your information with:

  • Clinical database provider –
  • Pharmacies – when a prescription order is necessary for the product you require.
  • Regulators and government authorities – if we are required to do so by law or if the authority requests it and we regard that request to be reasonable.

What are my rights?

You have a right to expect us to retain accurate records and for us to act upon any request to rectify any inaccuracies with your personal information.

You have a right to require us to erase your personal data without undue delay on specific grounds, for example: where it is no longer necessary based on the reason it was originally recorded, or where you withdraw your consent and there is no other legal grounds for processing.

By providing the information requested you are providing explicit consent but you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.  To do so please email or write to Rejuvenating Solutions, 6 The Chandlery, Quayside, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 1HE.

You have a right to request a copy of your personal data held by us.

Should you wish to continue your treatment elsewhere, you have a right to request us to move, copy or transfer your personal data from one IT environment to another in a safe and secure way, without hindrance to usability.

Who can I complain to if I feel you are not handling my data correctly?

Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information we hold on you.  You can do this by email or post Rejuvenating Solutions, 6 The Chandlery, Quayside, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 1HE.  If you believe for any reason we are not handling your data correctly you have a right to make a complaint, this can be sent to us using the above contact details. If you are unhappy with our response you should then contact the ICO (independent commissioner’s office) by contacting the ICO direct or using the following link

We ask that all patients sign a privacy policy to confirm you have understood the privacy policy and to provide your consent for Rejuvenating Solutions to process your personal data for the reasons stated above. Under the new GDPR rulings, failure to return the signed policy statement to Rejuvenating Solutions will result in your records being securely destroyed and deleted and any further treatment prohibited.